About Us

The Beginning

Progression Fitness started in 2007. The initial purpose of the brand was to offer products that satisfied certain feature requirements and prices that other companies did not offer. Some of the first products to display the Progression Fitness name were treadmills. The treadmill line grew to a cardio line that incorporated exercise bikes, ellipticals, rowers and stepper machines. Over time, they expanded into a basic strength line, which included benches, cages and weights such as dumbbells and plate weight.

A New Direction

Slowly, Progression Fitness kept filling the gaps and creating new categories of products to include inversion tables and Vibration Trainers. Progression Fitness is a big believer in the benefits of vibration training. It was among the first companies to bring the machines and new technologies main stream. Progression Fitness now has 3 models to cater to different age groups that use the machine, including the senior demographic who perhaps sees the most benefit from the machine. The most recent product expansion Progression Fitness has ventured into is to expand their few accessories to a full accessory line. The new accessory line offers a variety of products that can be used for strength, yoga, and agility conditioning.

Today and Into The Future

Progression Fitness has evolved over the years and taken on a new mission, which is to strive to bring quality exercise equipment into everyone’s home at a reasonable price. They belief that fitness and a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a task that is considered work but instead should be fun. They have also brought in a leisure line that currently showcases backyard and water trampolines, playground equipment and massage chairs.